About YuGuitar

The YuGuitar brand takes pride in building affordable guitars out of the highest quality, dried tonewoods. With our exceptional craftsmanship, every guitar is handmade with passion, attention to detail, and with the minimal help of machines. We heed every musician’s desire to bring their dream guitar to reality, and will never stop aiming to provide the top-quality instruments to guitarists.

Here at YuGuitar, we offer the sale of beautiful guitars including custom orders. Customers can choose to buy an existing custom, or to design their own with the help of our experienced guitar designer. We’ll assist you in your journey to build the guitar that looks, sounds, and plays uniquely to your style.

The Team

Lucien Zhu – Owner

Lucien begun playing guitar as a hobby in 2014, and entered the guitar industry in 2015. Using his experience from the industry, he created YuGuitar and mass made guitars in 2017. Seeking a more efficient way of making guitars, Lucien founded YuGuitar’s own workshop in 2019. He is a 2020 graduate of Shanghai Normal University with a Major in Economics.

Yuhui Mong – Chief Luthier

Yuhui discovered his passion for playing guitar in 2006. In 2014, after many years of indulging himself in his music, he founded a high-end guitar store and collaborated with many guitarists. In 2016, Yuhui started working as an explosition engineer while training under local luthiers. In 2019, he became the Chief Luthier of YuGuitar.

Leyi Yang – Vice Luthier

Leyi started playing guitar in 2010. After serving in the army for a few years, he studied under many luthiers of different styles in 2017.